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A Virtual Assistant, or ‘VA’ (Like a PA or EA but virtual) can likely be the best solution for reducing the overwhelming number of tasks on your to-do list, without the need to hire a full time/ part time staff member. The ways in which a VA can help you are almost limitless and really depend on your individual business and specific needs. Often a VA business will have a team of Virtual Assistants with a diverse range of skills on hand, which means that they can help with just about anything!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is an independent professional, who works remotely on a variety of business support services. Virtual Assistants specialise in reducing the workload of small and medium business owners. Because we work from our own premises, you can call on our services as and when you need them. We will seamlessly integrate into your team, but you don’t have to provide us with a desk to sit at, or equipment to use.

What are the Top Tasks Virtual Assistants Can Help With?

As a team of Virtual Assistants, we have an extremely wide range skill bases covered, so tasks you might want to call upon us for can range from day to day tasks, to covering business processes while a business owner is on holiday, maybe working on special projects, or even attending on-site meetings or functions where needed.

These are some areas that we cover as VA’s:

Personal Assistance: Lighten the load and make your business more efficient by having us perform the tasks of an executive assistant, administrator or general office support.

Customer Care: Your customers will receive the same love and care from us, that you give them yourself. From fielding enquiries, order processing, event management, or running your whole e-commerce business on your behalf. We will have your customer experience covered.

Brand Exposure: Put your brand in the spotlight with an updated website, e-newsletters, social media management and professional image design. Focus on the important parts of your business while we handle your online marketing and IT.

Bookkeeping: Never have to worry about sending out invoices, reconciling your bank accounts, chasing debt or data entry. We have a specialised VA that will handle these time-consuming tasks with ease.

Written Words: Move that backlog of documents forward to completion. Transcribing, proofreading, editing, research and word processing; we can do it all.

Virtual Assistants Save You Time and Money

Because a VA will work on an ‘as needed’ basis, you only need to contact them when you have work to be done. You also only have to pay them for the work they do, removing the worry of quiet periods, holiday pay or the cost of their equipment. You save money on wages, but still get an expert in your team.

We have VAs with a diverse range of skills and specialist areas of expertise. We can help you with any of the above tasks, and more. Contact us today to find the VA that you have been looking for. We are prepped and ready to take those time-consuming tasks off your hands.


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