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We leverage your time to give your life back! 

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Our mission is to provide personalised and customised virtual assistance that aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements.  We always add value to your business by taking care of even the most tedious office tasks and providing a proactive administration solution to you.

We understand that finding dependable, trustworthy, and skilled help is crucial for the success of any business or project, especially when utilising remote resources. That's why our team at Virtual Assistants consists of experienced professionals who have been thoroughly vetted and proven reliable. With our support, companies can confidently rely on the assistance they receive.

Get to Know Us

Virtual Assistants was founded early in 2016. With our commitment to quality and reliability, we quickly found our client pool grew beyond our founder. Virtual Assistants took shape as we continued to add more and more professionals who shared the same values to the team – friendly, skilled, responsible, “can do” support, grounded in quality.

In listening to our clients’ pain points and concerns, we noted that assigning a team member who would get the job done was very often only 40% of what mattered to them. The remaining 60% was in HOW the tasks would get done and BY WHOM.

We all have our individual work styles and type of person we like to work with. These preferences matter a lot in building trust and long-term partnerships.

Terri Boote (our founder) and Jess Larsen (our business manager), have assembled an array of VAs with the versatility required to support business owners with complex and specialised requirements. Why should a client struggle to find a designer for a new brochure or a bookkeeper to help with reconciling their accounts? With a diverse skill set and a constantly growing team, we’ve been able to assign team members both for ongoing tasks and to support clients on an ad-hoc basis when they have a particular need, or in cases where they suddenly need to scale up to respond to demand.

Virtual Assistants’ ability to provide highly personalised and tailored solutions and to match our clients with VAs who have the skills, interests and personalities to support businesses for the long term has been our greatest accomplishment. Our versatility has contributed to our rapid growth and our astonishingly high client and team retention rates.

From start to finish, our vision remains the same: our unequivocal passion for excellence, quality and care drives our decision making and is the foundation for how we’ve structured our business.

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