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The definition of customer service has been expanded in the last 20 years to include the virtual/ remote service that has come with the digital age. Gone are the days when it simply involved politely greeting a person face-to-face as they walked into your shop, answering their questions, and helping them make their purchase.

Email, video, text message, apps and social media platforms; there are so many areas that you need to deliver consistent, excellent service… This, in turn, means there are as many ways for your clients to publicly voice their opinion on the service they receive. Great for spreading positive feedback of course! But it also means that it is harder than ever to hide from negative feedback around customer service, so it is something that you want to keep in the front of your mind with all client interactions. If you don’t, your business could take a nose dive to #failtown (The last thing you want is a flurry of ‘1-star’ ratings or a trending hashtag that has been created to encourage others to boycott your business!)

The Good the Bad and the Ugly… We’ve all experienced it! Poor service leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Whether it has been dealing with someone (REALLY) rude, or not getting what you expected when you expected it, a negative service experience can completely turn you off a business. On the flipside, excellent service will encourage you to return, to leave good feedback, and tell your friends and family about it too!

Referrals and loyal, repeat customers are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they help generate a steady income, but also as raving fans, they are your best form of advertising. They give your business a good reputation. If you don’t have that, you will find that you struggle to grow or to stay afloat at all. Trying to fix a damaged reputation and recover from bad service can be almost impossible, so read on to discover how you can ensure you deliver amazing customer service in your business!

3 Tips For Delivering Amazing Customer Service

Start at the Beginning The first tip is: Start as you mean to go on!

Start on a high and continue on a high. This means delivering excellent service from the very first interaction you have with a potential client in your business. Face-to-face, over the phone, or online you need to be aware of the first impression you are giving. What is the first thing potential clients see on your website? It should be friendly and welcoming with access to all the basic information about how you can help them. Give them an easy way to get in touch with you, either through a contact form, booking an exploration chat, or simply listing your contact details.

Your business may even benefit from a live chat function. This gives you an immediate opportunity to wow them with your service, answer some quick questions, and begin to build trust, which is a vital aspect of a purchasing decision.

Keep Up The Good Work Cool burger! You’ve done it. You’ve had a great first interaction and your new client is excited about working with your business. Don’t blow it now! The key is to follow on from that initial contact with more great service.

Don’t complicate the process of them dealing with your business. Be clear and concise with the many steps involved in the buying journey – preferably in writing, and make sure your website is easy to navigate and that all functions are working seamlessly (online shop, PayPal links and so on).

Most importantly, respond! And we don’t mean respond with an automated message. Personally, respond in a timely fashion with the relevant information that your client needs. There is nothing worse than asking a business a question and not getting a reply for a week, or no reply at all.

NOTE: If you are time poor, then please consider seeking our assistance to help you manage these business communications for you!

Feedback or Dissatisfaction Let’s be honest, we are imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world so sooner or later something is going to go wrong. A computer error could occur, you might make a mistake, or you could be let down by a third party like a courier company.

Don’t panic! Client dissatisfaction is actually an excellent opportunity for customer service. How you handle the issue is the true make or break of the situation. By resolving the issue quickly and effectively, you can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

A client does not have to be dissatisfied to provide feedback. If they have taken the time to give you feedback, then have the courtesy to acknowledge it. Some client feedback will even help you to streamline your processes and improve your offerings. Treat each feedback comment with the respect it deserves and your clients will have another opportunity to love and refer your business.

Knowing what your customers want and being able to deliver it is only half of the battle. People like to know that they are dealing with other people, not faceless robots somewhere in cyberspace, so use your interactions as a chance to showcase your personality and professionalism and you will begin to build some rapport. Putting your own unique spin on excellent customer service can set you apart from your competitors and drive more people to your business.

We know customer service is very time-consuming. If you find that you need some help responding to emails, answering calls, monitoring your live chat, or just generally ensuring that you are winning, then feel free to get in touch with us at Virtual Assistants. We are experts at picking up where you left off, seamlessly slotting into your business and delivering excellent customer service as a member of your team. This means you can get back to focusing on the important client work. Gosh, is that a triple win? We think so!


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