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Did you know that you can lose as many as 65% of your clients by not keeping in touch with them? Think of how much lost revenue that is for your business. It costs far more in time, resources and money to bring on a new client than it does to retain an existing one. So how do you stay in touch with all of your clients? Well, the best way is to use an email automation system like MailChimp.

Here is how you can use MailChimp to streamline your business…

Catalogue Your Database

Do you have heaps of email addresses from clients that you have worked with, but nowhere to store them all? Seek permission from these contacts to add them to MailChimp. Then you have a great catalogue of your past, current and future clients.

One of the cool things about MailChimp is that it records a whole lot of data. That means you can check who is opening your emails, who is clicking on offers and who is interested in what you have to say. You can then use that information to your advantage! Promote similar content to those that were interested, target specific clients for certain products and know who doesn’t read your emails so that you can remove them from your list.

Nurture Your Clients

There is so much information out there in the world today. On a daily basis, we are overwhelmed with hundreds of messages, images, videos and advertising. It can be very easy to forget about a business that you have worked with unless you are reminded. Don’t let your business be one of the ones that get forgotten!

By sending a regular newsletter, you constantly remind your clients who you are. If you provide them with excellent content each time, then you will also build a relationship of trust. Your clients get plenty of opportunity to see you are an expert at what you do. You also keep them engaged and happy, meaning there is less chance of them leaving your business for a competitor.

Nurturing them in a collective way is so much easier than individually offering support and check-ins to your clients one at a time.

Welcome Them To Your Business

What do you do when someone shows interest in your business? Do you speak to them once and never again? That doesn’t make them feel very welcomed. So instead, you can use MailChimp to set up a Welcome Email sequence. Quite simply, it welcomes new prospective clients to your business and tells them a little bit more about what you do.

Pull back the curtain and let them see what your business stands for and why you are so good at what you do. As soon as new leads join your list they will get sent an introduction sequence which should introduce your business, show them some of your best content, and even give them an opportunity to jump right in and buy from you.

Even if they don’t take that first opportunity to buy, you are establishing a relationship with them. Further down the track when they are looking for your services, they will already know that they can trust you.

Save Time

Apart from all of the nurturing and sales-increasing benefits, there is one very simple reason to use a system like MailChimp. It saves you time.

Instead of individually emailing each person on your contact list, you can sweep it all together into one simple campaign. You can then design that campaign to be professional and eye-catching. Depending on the size of your list, you can reach hundreds or thousands of people in the time that it takes you to email one person.

Utilise The Experts

MailChimp is not a complicated program to use but it can be a time-consuming one. The great thing is that it’s something you can easily delegate out of your business to save precious time. Plus, if you delegate this task to us, you get to utilise our expertise.

A large percentage of our day-to-day work is sending out client email campaigns. We are experts in MailChimp. That means that you will get an excellent outcome on your mailouts. We optimise your campaign to achieve a high conversion rate with minimal input and cost.

Sound good? Then get in touch with us at Virtual Assistants to see how we can save you time and increase your sales with targeted and effective email marketing.


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