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Google is amazing. A company that was developed to help you find stuff online (and boy do they do a good job of that) is now literally a synonym for the word ‘search’ that we use every day. “I don’t know, just ‘Google’ it”. What an achievement! (Possibly even more impressive than being known by only your first name – we’re looking at you Oprah, Sting, and Beyoncé).

Did you know that Google is far more than just a search engine? They actually have a whole suite of tools and services designed to help businesses grow and succeed. Affectionately/officially dubbed the ‘G-Suite’ – It is effectively a series of tools used as ‘Google for Business’. We are here to tell you a little bit more about this set of intelligent apps that can help you with the day-to-day running of your business.

What is G-Suite? G-Suite is Google’s cloud-based selection of products that are aimed to help your business run smoother and more efficiently. File storage, easy collaboration on documents, video meetings and professional email all packaged together and accessible across all of your devices.

Professional Email

Put your best business foot forward with a custom email address from your domain name with Gmail. Add appointments directly into your Calendar from your inbox, tag specific emails to appear in multiple folders and upload attachments to online storage. You can also integrate Gmail with Microsoft Outlook, which is handy!

File Storage Never lose a file again with the cloud-based storage of Google Drive. Don’t waste time hunting for that USB stick, or go into panic mode if your computer is being less than friendly. All your files are safely in one place, protected in the cloud. You can easily share them with your team members or clients with just the click of a button.

Professional Documents Create fantastic looking presentations, forms and word processing documents from Google Docs. Use them by yourself, or collaborate on documents with your colleagues or clients. You will also be able to use these documents on the go as they are all saved to your Google Drive.

Online Meetings/Webinars Not in the same city (or even country) as your client? No problem. Host an online meeting with them through Google Hangouts. Spread your knowledge to your followers by running webinars for unlimited participants with the same software.

Why G-Suite? Can you think of a more trusted name in the online world than Google? At incredibly affordable rates, G-Suite offers vital tools for small, medium and large businesses alike. We love the fact that any data or information is instantly saved and archived in the cloud for you to refer back to at any time.

Google For Business? It’s Google for Your Business! Do you love the sound of G-suite, but just aren’t sure where to start? Let Terri Boote and her team at Virtual Assistants get you set up with all of the Google for business tools that G-suite has to offer. Get in touch today to discuss our flat rate package with your G Suite Partner and we can even throw in a discount code for 20% off G Suite for 12 months (for existing users transferring from a reseller or new users)! Email us today.


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